Tirumala Tirupati is really a divine place of Holy Spirit on this earth, miracaling as Bhu-Vaikuntam for all the people of rich & poor to have His Heavenly Happiness & Grace. The members of our family usually arrange a programme to Tirumala every year. I had the divine opportunity of visiting these sacred places in this year. I felt really sacred at the foot step itself. I could not explain in words about the happiness, I felt at that moment. All of us reached the top of the hill through our God given efforts. All of us were chanting “Govinda …Govinda…” like the clock placed in our heart by the grace of God was really enchanting by creating Bhakthi in the God given mind. This continuous devotional chanting gave all of us Heavenly Happiness. I am having happiness in seeing the wonderful sightseeing places in & around Tirumala. Like adding a feather to a cap, the weather in Tirumala made our journey a perfect one. At the top of Tirumala, I felt a cool breeze. We were lucky to get a cottage arranged through Parakala Swamy Mutt. Provision has been made to the poor to avail Dharma Dharshanam to see the Lord. I had the heavenly opportunity of seeing the Lord Srinivasa by God’s grace.
After keeping our luggage in the room, we took bath and changed our dress to Divine style. Then we had the Dharshanam of Lord Srinivasa easily as a creativity to our real Bhakthi in chanting Govinda…. Govinda…. I forgot all my tiredness and restless feelings immediately after seeing Lord Sri Vari. I felt very happy on hearing the devotional heavenly chanting by all the people “EDUGUNDALAVAADA VENKATARAMANAA GOVINDAA- GOVINDAA”. This lovely bhakthi chanting whole heartedly by all was really amazing, fabulous and splendid! I felt more glad on seeing the Lord Thiruvenkata with garlands and jewels carved in Gold, embedded with Vajra, Vaidurya & costly pearls. The sacred Naamam in the middle of the God’s face was an added surpassing beauty. I felt very much sad, at the time of pushing out by duthaas saying the Harsh orderly sound, Jarugandi-Jarugandi.
We had the Godly Dharshanam of Tirumala for three days at the top of the hill.
Later we came down to Tirupati to see Srinivasa Mangapuram & Sri Padmavati Devi Alayam (Alamelu Mangapuram)
Later we stayed in Govinda Raja Pattanam. Here, Sri Govinda Raja Swami Temple is located in Tirupati near the Railway station.
Then we saw Sri Kodanda Rama Swami Temple situated in Tirupati
Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami Temple is located at Narayanavanam.
After seeing all these enchanting Holy places, we reached our native land SUVARNA KARNATAKA safely by God’s grace.


Month of tiruppavai begins _/\_


Month of tiruppavai begins _/\_

ツ In #Margazhi, the first day of #Dhanurmasam, all should engage in praying, doing good deeds, giving alms & donations as Dhaanam. Dhanurmasam is termed as the down of the Devas who are walking to watch what the good things, we are doing on this earth!!!

As such, all of us should engage in prayer & giving alms to the poor to create happiness everywhere :)))

#Happy_Dhanurmasam to all my well wishers & lovely friends

#Thiruppavai_Utsavam & #Vaikunta_Ekadasi are the well known two important festivals during this period In this month, Andal Kalyanam is celebrated, a day before the #Makara_Sankranthi ツ

I pray God on behalf of all the people of SUVARNA KARNATAKA to bestow our prince heavenly happiness under the feet of the Lord _/\_


I pray God on behalf of all the people of SUVARNA KARNATAKA to bestow our prince heavenly happiness under the feet of the Lord _/\_

On hearing the sudden sad news of our Royal prince, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, the scion of the erstwhile Mysore royal family and the last descendant of the Wodeyar dynasty entering the feet of the Lord today was really a shock to me.
I feel very much glad in seeing his Private Durbar in the DASARA-2013 in his palace sitting on the Royal Golden Throne. This glory of this enchanting scenery is glittering in my eyes & cannot be explained in words.
Our lovely royal prince performing Pada Puja to his Raja Guru Srimadh Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Jiyar is really worth seeing & appreciating




S – achin Tendulkar retires from all forms of International Cricket on

Saturday, the 16th Nov 2013

A – ll in his life, Tendulkar had a dream of playing cricket for India

C – ricket gets the name & fame, while playing cricket for Mother India

H – istory has been scripted by genius men of the moment

I – ndian cricket great God has been retired after playing his 200th test


N – ot out from the heart of the people in the whole world

R – etired after winning 74 runs in the test match in Wankhede

A – ll the people of the world thanked for his good play

M – iss your good self million times of your fantastic playing

E – nd of cricket Era is really heart felt by all

S – achin- Sachin chants are reverberating in the ears of all

H – onoured by the West-Indies Cricket Team

T – hanks for your creative play giving entertainment for the past 24 years

E – nd of an Era!!! In the minds of all cricket fans

N – ations all over the world have expressed “ Depression over God’s


D – edicating Bharath Rathna to Tendulkar is the God’s blessings

U – ltimate farewell to sachin made all people to shed tears

L – ived in the dreams of all from the past 24 years

K – nowledged person in the Cricket field is really no other than Tendulkar

A – ll of sachin’s future endeavors be excelled by coming back to the Cricket


R – are creation of God be blessed to cherish all the people

He is the God of Cricket religion. Jersey #10 is dedicated to Sachin….!

I have missed your Cricket game; the world has missed the same, and the Cricket itself has missed from SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR

#ThankYouSachin… Will Miss You… But Legacy Remains… Living Legend…

Feeling enlightend by the Grace of God,Gurus & Elders.


Feeling enlightend by the Grace of God,Gurus & Elders.

On this day of Bali paadyami, Bali chakravarthi is being rememebred by everyone by the blessings of God Vamana. He was a very powerful demon of those days. There was peace,prosperity & plenty in his kingdom.The entire world was under his control. His ambition grew more & more.He wanted to capture IndraLoka, the place of Heaven ruled by Indra.
Bali Chakravarthi wished to have the seat of Indra(INDRA PADAVI) permanently. His guru Shuklacharya advised him to perform Ashwamedha Yaaga. As he had already completed 99 Ashwamedha Yaagas, the 100th Ashwamedha Yaaga will be a way to capture Indra Loka
Indra sought the help of Sri Mahavishnu to get rid off from being dethroned by Bali Chakravarthi. Add to this, Indra’s mother also performed penance to help his son.
Lord Vishnu, being pleased with the penances of Bali Chakravarthi & his mother, he took the Avatara of Vamana, the dwarf. Being the incarnation of Vishnu, he took birth as the son of Adithi.
Lord Vishnu grew up fast & had his Upanayanam. He went to king Bali,while performing the 100th Ashwamedha Yaaga.
Bali Chakravarthi, on seeing the handsome face of Vamana did Sastanga Namaskaaram, by praying Him to take the Daana (Gift) from him,by promising that he would give anything, He asks.
Vamana denied all the valuable things & praised Bali Chakravarthi for his honest rule by giving rememberance that his great grand father Prahladha was a staunch Vishnu Bhaktha.He also praised Hiranyakashipu & Hiranyaksha about their power & determination.
Vamana just asked 3 steps of land, that would be measured by Himself. Bali was surprised because His 3 small steps would be a meager Daana-Dharma.
Bali Chakravarthi’s Guru, Shuklacharya realised that the little brahmin is no other than Lord Vishnu. He advisd Bali not to agree for giving this Daana because he is no other than Lord Vishnu, who has come in the Avatara of Vamana to capture everything he had. Bali, being inspired in fulfilling the 3 steps of Daana by Lord Vishnu flatly refused to hear his Guru’s advice.Guru Shuklacharya being angry, cursed his devotee Bali Chakravarthi to loose everything.
Bali Chakravarthi did Sankalpa to give the 3 steps of Land to Vamana. Vamana became huge by taking the Avatara of Trivikrama Roopa. Vamana covered the whole of earth in his 1st step. In his 2nd step, he covered the whole of sky. There was no place for the 3 step. Immediately, King Bali Chakravarthi requested Vamana to put his 3rd step on his head.Vamana by doing so, he sent Bali Chakravarthi to Paathalaloka (Underworld) by putting his 3rd step on the head of Vamana.
Lord Vamana gave the boon that he will be empowered to rule the entire universe for one day in every year & that memorable Day will be called as the day of ” BALI PAADYAMI” KARTHIKA SHUDDHA PAADYA.
On this auspicious day of Bali Paadyami, I wish you all “Happy Deepavali” with Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Feeling Happy :) :)


Feeling Happy :) :)

ツ Today, we celebrate Deepavali as a symbol of victory over darkness. It is observed by all the inhabitants of Ayodhya. Sri Ramachadrar took the charge from his brother Bharatha and sat on the throne. This day was observed as Deepavali Function.
Today evening all will celebrate the pooja of Lakshmi including myself to bless abundance of wealth to one & all, since Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
I offer my prayers to Goddess Mahalakshmi to bless everyone Happy Deepavali with health & wealth ツ