ツ I have staunch belief in GOD. Here, Lord Krishna advices everybody to observe “NISHKAMAKARMA” i.e., one should not have any desire in doing the legitimate KARMA. Here, I would like to take my own example in this aspect. I have joined MBA by making my #PARENTS to spend their hard earned money for their only one daughter (#MYSELF) to become the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. The first letter “M” itself indicates that I should become the Master in Business Management by learning the TRICK OF THE TRADE to grab money from nook & corner. This concludes that I am not having even a bit of “NISHKAMAKARMA”.
Immediately after getting the degree of MBA, I pray God to Master my mind to serve the poor public at large as “JANA SEVA” like the Angel Florence Nightingale who has taken birth on earth in doing service for the betterment of wounded soldiers right round the clock in the battle field at the dead of night also, holding an Harikane lamp in one hand & serving the wounded soldiers in the battle field in the other hand without least expectation for her active minded lovely service.
This good activity in serving the public is not even possible by GOD, who has given birth to us.
This clearly shows that every one, rich or poor or in-power should have the aim to observe “Nishkamakarma” like Florence Nightingale, the heavenly angel on earth to achieve peace, prosperity & plenty of heavenly happiness on earth.
By doing so, we can concur “RAMARAJYA” in the whole world.
In concluding this, I pray God to bless everyone NISHKAMAKARMA ツ


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